About Canyon Crossers

About The Author

I am Brian Jones.

I am Senior Pastor at Calvary Bible Church in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan.

I am passionate about God's word and it's life-changing power.

I am a happy husband and father of three.

I have some degrees:

  • a BA in Bible/Greek
  • an M.Div.
  • a Th.M.
  • a D.Min. in Biblical Preaching

Why I Created this site

When I was in seminary, I read a helpful interview in Leadership Journal by Haddon Robinson called The Heresy of Application. This article did two things for me. First, it got me thinking about application. Second, it got me thinking about studying with Haddon Robinson in a D.Min. program on biblical preaching. I entered (and ultimately graduated from) that D.Min. program and wrote my thesis project on applying the Bible in biblical preaching. In my research for that project, I encountered the idea that application is like a chasm or canyon. Application is not bridging two completely different worlds as much as it is looking at the same truth from a distance created by time, culture, and other factors. When we interpret the Bible, we should be looking at what it meant to the original readers and how it applied to them. However, since it is God's word, we need to bring that truth across the canyon of time and apply it in our own culture. This site is dedicated to working out these concepts so that we can apply the Bible biblically.

For more on why I chose the name Canyon Crossers, read my inaugural post here.