What does "Canyon Crossers" mean?

If you came here looking for outdoor adventures, I'm sorry to disappoint you but that's not the subject of this website.

If you came here looking for help in applying the Bible to everyday life, this is the right place!

I named this site "Canyon Crossers" because that's what applying the Bible sometimes feels like. As Christians, we believe that the Bible is God's word and, therefore, that it is eternally relevant. In many passages, the eternal relevance is obvious and the text means for us what it meant to the first reader.

But for a number of passages, there is at least some distance between the original meaning and application and the meaning and application today. It feels like a canyon. Time, like a river, and seismic changes in human life have created a divide what God's word meant and how it applied to the original reader and how it applies to us.

On this site I write about biblical interpretation, biblical application, and biblical communication. I have found it helpful to think of these three things like canyons. As a pastor, I want to understand the Bible correctly, apply it biblically, and teach it clearly. I want to cross those canyons safely myself and help others get across. If you do, too, then this site is probably for you.

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